The Worlds Most 'Professional' Phone? - Durability Test!

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Its time to durability test the Sony Xperia Pro! Grab your 2 super long USB C cables from Anker HERE: (Just $14.99!) 'Professional' smartphones are a dime a dozen. Every brand has their own version of the 'Pro' phone. Usually it just means that the phone has the highest specs the brand can offer. But Sony is doing things a little different with the Xperia Pro. Its actually got features that are useful to a professional. Imagine that. Its a tool. A rugged smartphone, thats a tool. Kinda fun. Today we are going to durability test the Sony Xperia Pro, to see what kind of life and abuse it can hold up to. This probably is the best phone for live streaming.
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Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya Vor 5 Stunden
Only a sociopath enjoys making these kinds of videos. Wtf.
sepa at work
sepa at work Vor 17 Stunden
I hate Anker
Ja3n Namdev
Ja3n Namdev Vor Tag
Fuck this phone so expensive with 100$ phone feature
Mario Cureg
Mario Cureg Vor Tag
Lucky we have brave jerry to test those pricey weak phone..
Darick Nordstrom
Darick Nordstrom Vor 2 Tage
Thinking of tearing down a good phone to put an extension on the camera mechanism so that it can be mounted on glasses, with the rest of the phone on a Frankie-like headship in the back of the noggin. Just need solid camera / lens. From all of your tear-downs, which would be easiest?
Subhasis Das
Subhasis Das Vor 4 Tage
Rich people afford apple iphone but richer only afford sony xperia 😂😂
Rafael Petrosyan
Rafael Petrosyan Vor 4 Tage
Sony best phone 📱
Aayush Raj
Aayush Raj Vor 4 Tage
Bro! You😭 are very ruthless 😂
Byleth Cutie
Byleth Cutie Vor 4 Tage
It baffles me how this phone could cost so much I expected so much more like a titanium build
Farok Fakurdin
Farok Fakurdin Vor 5 Tage
Anker tape c cable im use is the best cable bro.
Abib Nugroho
Abib Nugroho Vor 5 Tage
Disrespectful Try
Disrespectful Try Vor 6 Tage
It is sad watching how he breaks the phone.
Piotr Feder
Piotr Feder Vor 6 Tage
Stupid video
AZ Gamer LK
AZ Gamer LK Vor 7 Tage
Please give me new phone
Joshua Berana
Joshua Berana Vor 7 Tage
just watching this durability test it feels awful but sir jerry can you give me that sony HAHAHAHA!
TheHardest Vor 7 Tage
"all of us will be just with phones with professional in their names but they are actually just pretending" ooooooooooooooo, another strike at apple
Sisi Coco
Sisi Coco Vor 8 Tage
This is what I was looking for. Cause Sony is just perfect. Because of headphone jack.
BigZHockey Vor 8 Tage
You have to spend 2000 or 200 2017 iPad Pro - _ -: I’m in the middle with a HEADPHONE JACK WOOHOO every phone before 2018: join the club
look cheap
Alex K.
Alex K. Vor 9 Tage
This phone shouldn't be $2500 having them straight up obese Bezels
Alex K.
Alex K. Vor 9 Tage
What does he mean when he says "The only phone with a 4K screen? I thought 2160p was 4k...
Eilhan Chariz
Eilhan Chariz Vor 9 Tage
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Ivan Grigoriev
Ivan Grigoriev Vor 10 Tage
I scream all along this bideo... it's pain to see such phone dismantling.
Ronald C Krause Jr
Ronald C Krause Jr Vor 10 Tage
1. For the phone; no wireless charging? 2. This phone is specifically made to work with the Sony Alpha 1; a camera with a body only price of usd $6,5oo. But for most of the professional users it is cater for; they will also need the phone, countless batteries for the camera (even the added Sony battery grip), and most users (especially for video) will need many, many thousands of dollars in memory cards. 3. For professional photographers (again, especially for video); many, many thanks to Sony. Because Sony came up with the worlds best cooling system for their 24x36 sensor. Some other companies such as Canon sincerely dropped the ball and forgot to consider such factors. Whereas Canon sells cameras well above the $4,ooo mark that have grave issues with sensor overheat. 4. Zack missed an important feature about the phone; see if anyone else here can spot what that would be. 5. Again, thanks Sony for taking the lead.
gokul krishna
gokul krishna Vor 10 Tage
Do Drop test Sony Xperia 1 iii bro
gokul krishna
gokul krishna Vor 10 Tage
iphone 12 pro max vs Sony Xperia 1 iii👍 Please do comparison, Jerry bro...
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Vor 11 Tage
why doesn't sony make a gaming phone they have a gaming system and portable systems??
Anti-Sheeple Vor 5 Tage
@Anthony Johnson Yeah I'd love a successor to the PS Vita.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Vor 5 Tage
@Anti-Sheeple yea but they made gaming handhelds. This is perfect for them to make another gaming phone/handheld with how advance tech is now!
Anti-Sheeple Vor 6 Tage
Because "gaming phones" handle games no better than flagships, and Sony knows that. Their upcoming Xperia 1 III has a strong emphasis towards gaming with a ton of features for it, but it's not advertised solely for 1 purpose.
i am Analyst
i am Analyst Vor 11 Tage
Sony was Japan imperial army's favorite telescope makers befor WWII
Jared M. Williams
Jared M. Williams Vor 12 Tage
If this phone gets any more durable Jerry will have to test if it is bullet proof
Foto Rajko No 1 - Obrenovac
Foto Rajko No 1 - Obrenovac Vor 12 Tage
This is pointless. This is a joke. Try to put any phone in your pocket along with a opened sharp knife or scalpel blade. What would happen to ypur fingers when you try to find phone? And second, a real professional take care of his equipment. Do you carry your dslr lenses without cap in your pocket , with your keys ?
Umar ilyas
Umar ilyas Vor 13 Tage
Sony failure
Róbert Sás
Róbert Sás Vor 13 Tage
Review for aggressive two years old kids
Getusha HD
Getusha HD Vor 13 Tage
Tyler Deleringo
Tyler Deleringo Vor 13 Tage
I'm pulled in by the headphone jack. Also I'm watching this in 4k on my v20. Yea old LG V20 lol removable battery IR blaster internal DAC gang lol *$2500 and no wireless charging? Ouch. Not very professional when the c port wears out.
Rajat Tarlekar
Rajat Tarlekar Vor 14 Tage
Neil Taneo
Neil Taneo Vor 14 Tage
Sir i feel sad watching this phone being scratch, which i can't afford. 😔
Ani S7live
Ani S7live Vor 15 Tage
Lucky he said rice cooker I was dreading it could've been something naughty.
Trin Kanhirun
Trin Kanhirun Vor 15 Tage
Anzal Muhammed
Anzal Muhammed Vor 15 Tage
Give me phone..even if it is broken😁
A.G. Vor 15 Tage
Pricier than Galaxy Flip.
Q N Vor 15 Tage
Unless they decide to release Crysis on mobile, this is unnecessary 😎
Prashant Pandey
Prashant Pandey Vor 16 Tage
I would like this all plastic arrangement on phones... Glass is glass and glass breaks.... So every one uses a case anyway.. So no point. After lumia 920, no phone has come which has a good plastic design and can be easily used without a case
Hendra XYZ
Hendra XYZ Vor 16 Tage
This phone is even more expensive than my Kawasaki Ninja 😂
Sidiq Firmanto
Sidiq Firmanto Vor 17 Tage
You write everything but there's just smartphone. Try the hypercar, smash it on the wall. Or a Tesla.. Or change your channel into jerryrigsmartphone lol
Aspen Bridge
Aspen Bridge Vor 17 Tage
who wants to play bingo with me
Vinicius Rocksupremo
Vinicius Rocksupremo Vor 17 Tage
this drawing on thumbmail looks like a male genital organ.
Rachman Mu'ammar
Rachman Mu'ammar Vor 17 Tage
Pak kirimkan saya handphone 😢
Tazboy Vor 17 Tage
I like the design
Kaan Yıldız
Kaan Yıldız Vor 17 Tage
3:36, actually the standard xperia 1 series also have headphone jacks
Christian Ventura
Christian Ventura Vor 17 Tage
Known Vor 17 Tage
So the iPhones ability to record and playback Dolby vision content for cheaper seems more important than a Sony phone with Sony software.
Gerardo Narvaez
Gerardo Narvaez Vor 18 Tage
Iphone su*ks
John Robert Ortaleza
John Robert Ortaleza Vor 18 Tage
Here i am again ,watching a review of phone that i can't afford
rio Kempes
rio Kempes Vor 18 Tage
Subcribe from indonesia👍 i like this video..
Marijuana IQ
Marijuana IQ Vor 18 Tage
😭 💔
RangO ArtS
RangO ArtS Vor 18 Tage
what killed Sony is the name Xprria, what killed Motorola is the name razer. and thry still coming up with more not realizing that people have associated those names with failure.
Y M Vor 18 Tage
Zack: Everyone else: ima call him Jerry
Wahoue Frederic
Wahoue Frederic Vor 18 Tage
Stop destroying this phone !!!😐
Jamie Price
Jamie Price Vor 19 Tage
Why is this revelant 🙄
snakeinmybewts Vor 19 Tage
i come here for my "scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7" asmr.
Ngurah Putu
Ngurah Putu Vor 19 Tage
Everyone use the phone not like it
iCed [info-tech-fr]
iCed [info-tech-fr] Vor 20 Tage
I love this phone !
J Gadoury
J Gadoury Vor 20 Tage
How do you do a durability test without dropping it once?
Sina Moghadam.H
Sina Moghadam.H Vor 21 Tag
Please stop!!!!!! That's my dream phone you are destroying!!! It's one of the kind!!!!! It's not fair to demolish it just because you can. It's a piece of art and technology!
Matthew Green
Matthew Green Vor 21 Tag
How about ps1?
Bass Boostey
Bass Boostey Vor 21 Tag
That phone is not worth it
Khách Lữ
Khách Lữ Vor 21 Tag
oh... my dream!
Andrew Garong
Andrew Garong Vor 21 Tag
Why do u switch side when coming from 6 to 7? Anyone knows why? It bothers me
Graham Pompidou
Graham Pompidou Vor 21 Tag
Torture phone
56 pratyaksh rai
56 pratyaksh rai Vor 22 Tage
Watching this video on blackberry z30 with that special hdmi port😂😂
syed abbas
syed abbas Vor 22 Tage
After seeing this I got to know that Jerry rig everthing has amazing drawing skills😂😂😂😂😂
Jaimy Lee Meloyer
Jaimy Lee Meloyer Vor 22 Tage
That's not a charger that's a lead bro
Thomas Apodaca
Thomas Apodaca Vor 22 Tage
You dare do that to good sony phone my men with 4k screen and oled and 21x9 ratio screen disappointed
Armando Lorenzo
Armando Lorenzo Vor 22 Tage
can u give that phone to me even it is uggly from scratch hehehe
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Vor 22 Tage
If only it was $500 or $1000 less. Oh well.
Anwar Cadena
Anwar Cadena Vor 23 Tage
$15 for a type A to C cable, hard pass
Maria Besky
Maria Besky Vor 23 Tage
A mobile phones commited suicide bcs of just heard Jerry rigs name..😂😂😂😂
Pablo Esco
Pablo Esco Vor 23 Tage
I have the 1 mark || 👌🏽😏
Polash Rahman
Polash Rahman Vor 24 Tage
So what need to Sony for you bro..? Do you need to mean diamond phone SONY in 200$? If you making shame video for any brand then why did you spend for it??
Koi Khairul
Koi Khairul Vor 24 Tage
the real PRO
Love Sony Mobile
Dimitrije Djurdjevic
Dimitrije Djurdjevic Vor 26 Tage
this is the only phone that i actually felt sorry for
Stamatis Loukas
Stamatis Loukas Vor 26 Tage
Zack I really want to get the teardown skin for my phone and I have a really cool idea to combine it with a special case and in my mind it will look really sick. Unfortunately dbrand doesn't offer it for my model and I would like to see this skin availbale for more android phones. Love from Greece.
amir Vor 26 Tage
Sony must make new mid range and low range phone again
Gumilang Indra
Gumilang Indra Vor 26 Tage
I dont know y its looks so terrifying hear your calm sound while torturing the expansive phone
Imre Nádudvari
Imre Nádudvari Vor 26 Tage
Doesn't matter, but nice numbers for the scratching: 2344678910 :)
nice attitude
nice attitude Vor 26 Tage
Is it worth i dont think so id rather gp with huawei foldable phone than this, its too expensive for a phone thay easily scratch and sim port that is easy remove and the the one that i dont believe water resistant phone
WiFi Mistry
WiFi Mistry Vor 27 Tage
Aditya G.
Aditya G. Vor 27 Tage
U r no less than hitman killing flagships 😂
ᮙᮥᮠᮿᮙᮓ᮪ ᮞᮘᮤᮒ ᮙᮥᮞ᮪ᮜᮤᮿ ᮃᮜ᮪-ᮌᮧᮐᮜᮤ
ᮙᮥᮠᮿᮙᮓ᮪ ᮞᮘᮤᮒ ᮙᮥᮞ᮪ᮜᮤᮿ ᮃᮜ᮪-ᮌᮧᮐᮜᮤ Vor 27 Tage
nangis bang saya lihat semua video teardown abang.
I am legend
I am legend Vor 28 Tage
Watching on Xperia xz2 premium which also has 4k resolution but am watching in 480 p
The Gamers
The Gamers Vor 28 Tage
This guy probably doing this after getting lose streak in ml
VYcanismajora Vor 29 Tage
no one wants a headphone jack shutup
Axel Lind Olsson
Axel Lind Olsson Vor 28 Tage
People who actually wants the be quiet in public places wants it because they dont want to spend 200 dollars on wireless headphones
Сергей Жаров
Сергей Жаров Vor Monat
Ну а молотком можно сломать вообще за пару ударов. Вопрос зачем?
abdelrahman Mohamed
abdelrahman Mohamed Vor Monat
Sony is the best
jumel nonod
jumel nonod Vor Monat
you need more updates.. better luck next time😂
KFX Vor Monat
2500$ with plastic back wtf🤮🤮
XpertGabiYT Vor Monat
This phone looks overpriced
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